A composite view of the coronal mass ejection via STEREO-A instruments: EUVI imager and coronagraph COR2. Credit: STEREO-A/EUVI + COR2 Animation Scientists at Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (skoltech), together with colleagues from the Karl-Franzens University of Graz and the Kanzelhoehe Observatory (Austria) developed an automatic method for detecting […]

Speed as important as size in predicting potentially damaging impacts of coronal mass ejections. Space weather forecasters need to predict the speed of solar eruptions, as much as their size, to protect satellites and the health of astronauts, scientists have found. Scientists at the University of Reading found that by […]

The Hi-C telescope zoomed in on Active Region 12712, capturing fine threads of solar material. Credit: NASA/University of Central Lancashire New images from a NASA sounding rocket provide the highest-resolution views ever captured of the Sun’s outer atmosphere, or corona, revealing fine strands of million-degree solar material. The images show loops as […]

A look into the interior of the Sun and a more evolved giant star. Credit: MPS / Aalto University / hormesdesign.de By combining modern data analysis techniques with stellar structure modeling for main-sequence and giant stars, researchers shed new light on stellar dynamos. In their interiors, stars are structured in […]