A compound of cerium, ruthenium, and tin — with surprising properties. Credit: TU Wien A research team from TU Wien together with US research institutes came across a surprising form of ‘quantum criticality’; this could lead to a design concept for new materials. In everyday life, phase transitions usually have […]

Superconducting circuits find applications in sensing and information processing. Credit: Lancaster University Lancaster scientists have demonstrated that other physicists’ recent “discovery” of the field effect in superconductors is nothing but hot electrons after all. A team of scientists in the Lancaster Physics Department have found new and compelling evidence that […]

Levitation of a magnet on top of a superconductor. Credit: Jubobroff, Fbouquet, LPS CC BY-SA 3.0 A new theory that could explain how unconventional superconductivity arises in a diverse set of compounds might never have happened if physicists Qimiao Si and Emilian Nica had chosen a different name for their […]

ANIMATIOIN Superconductivity is a phenomenon where an electric circuit loses its resistance and becomes extremely efficient under certain conditions. There are different ways in which this can happen which were thought to be incompatible. For the first time, researchers discover a bridge between two of these methods to achieve superconductivity. […]

Professor of physics Andrew Jordan and his colleagues will use superconducting circuits to design experiments that can be carried out within a realistic quantum system, with the goal of studying concepts that are currently poorly understood in quantum mechanics. Credit: University of Rochester photo / J. Adam Fenster University of […]

For decades Z-X Shen has ridden a wave of curiosity about the strange behavior of electrons that can levitate magnets. Zhi-Xun Shen vividly remembers his middle school physics teacher demonstrating the power of X-rays by removing a chunk of radioactive material from a jar stored in a cabinet, dropping it […]

Researchers at Princeton have discovered superconducting currents traveling along the outer edges of a superconductor with topological properties, suggesting a route to topological superconductivity that could be useful in future quantum computers. The superconductivity is represented by the black center of the diagram indicating no resistance to the current flow. […]

Li-ion batteries based on liquid electrolytes are mainly used for batteries for electric vehicles and energy storage devices. However, as battery safety issues have recently been raised several times, various concerns about the use of existing batteries using flammable liquid electrolytes have increased. To solve this safety issue, all-solid-state battery […]

Artistic rendition of a piece of the Mundrabilla meteorite over a protoplanetary nebula; Mundrabilla over Galaxy 4. Image courtesy of James Wampler, UC San Diego (Lens flare from: shutr.bz/3bpa4LV; Galactic disc from L. Calcada/ESO: bit.ly/2Uv6vNt bit.ly/2QGjzyC; Chunk of Mundrabilla, image by James Wampler) Scientists at UC San Diego and Brookhaven […]