Can you imagine a world powered by 100% renewable electricity and fuels? It may seem fantasy, but a collaborative team of scientists has just shown this dream is theoretically possible – if we can garner global buy-in. The newly published research, led by Professor James Ward from the University of […]

New technology could help cities around the world improve people’s lives while saving billions of dollars. The free, open-source software developed by the Stanford Natural Capital Project creates maps to visualize the links between nature and human wellbeing. City planners and developers can use the software to visualize where investments in nature, such as […]

MIT today announced the MIT Climate and Sustainability Consortium, which convenes influential industry leaders from a broad range of industries with the aim of vastly accelerating shared solutions to address climate change. Credit: PopKitchen Co. The MIT Climate and Sustainability Consortium launches with 13 company members to work with MIT on innovation […]

Visualizations of the sustainability concept (adapted from Wu, 2013). Credit: CC-BY (4.0) license An interdisciplinary team led by Senior Researcher Dr. Christoph Rupprecht (FEAST Project, RIHN) has revealed a new definition of sustainability that expands the concept to non-human species and their needs. With this new definition, published in the […]

A global group of scientists is calling for an urgent rethink on a draft action plan to safeguard biodiversity. The provisional action plan[1], unveiled in January, will form the basis of a 10-year plan to protect nature. But in a letter published today in the journal Science[2], experts — including scientists […]