A rendering of the ScopeSat spacecraft SatRevolution is developing as part of an Earth-observing constellation. (Image: © SatRevolution) WARSAW, Poland — Polish space startup SatRevolution successfully deployed its first two nanosats, the Swiatowid and the KRAKsat, into orbit from the International Space Station July 3. The company says the deployment, carried […]

An illustration of a spacecraft for deep space missions powered by nuclear thermal propulsion. Congress has added funding to NASA appropriations bills to support development of the technology. (Image: © NASA/Marshall) PASADENA, Calif. — With congressional funding and industry support, nuclear thermal propulsion technology is making progress for potential use on future […]

Credit: Portland State University Green roofs – roofs that are planted with vegetation—may improve the indoor air quality of commercial buildings by cutting the amount of ozone coming into the buildings from the outside, according to new research from Portland State University. The findings add to the already known environmental […]