The US Naval Research Laboratory’s Wide-Field Imager for Solar Probe, or WISPR, will launch aboard NASA’s Parker Solar Probe Aug. 11, 2018. Credit: US Naval Research Laboratory/Jamie Baker The U.S. Naval Research Laboratory’s unique expertise in sun-viewing telescopes will be an integral part of the historic NASA Parker Solar Probe […]

NOAA says they have restored some performance in the primary Earth-facing instrument on the GOES-17 (formerly GOES-S) satellite, but have yet to fully correct the problem or determine its root cause. Credit: Lockheed Martin WASHINGTON — Engineers have made some progress in restoring the performance of the key instrument on […]

The lawyer for the plaintiff successfully argued that sharing a 3D scan of a firearm on the internet was protected on free speech grounds. Shutterstock A landmark case in the United States has been settled out of court, giving gun rights advocate Cody Wilson the right to publish instructions on the […]

The ADMX dark matter detector is located underground in an experiment hall at the University of Washington in Seattle, surrounded by a magnetic field. Credit: Mark Stone/University of Washington U.S. physicists say they have successfully tested the first experiment sensitive enough to detect axions — hypothetical particles that some scientists […]