Artist’s impression of the Thirty Meter Telescope TMT INTERNATIONAL OBSERVATORY Two planned giant telescopes may soon get a boost from Congress. Representative John Culberson (R–TX), who chairs a U.S. House of Representatives spending panel that sets funding levels for the National Science Foundation (NSF), is hinting that he wants NSF […]

Outer view of Techshot’s MVP facility, launched to the space station aboard SpaceX-14. Credit: Techshot Delivered to the International Space Station aboard SpaceX CRS-14, the Multi-use Variable-g Platform (MVP) is a new commercial testbed for centrifuge-based science aboard the orbiting laboratory. Because gravity determines so much of a live organism’s […]

Shell’s Prelude is the largest sea-faring vessel ever built SHELL Off the coast of Western Australia, a battle between mega giants is unfolding. The combatants involve the world’s biggest semi-submersible platform, the longest sub-sea pipeline in the southern hemisphere, and the largest floating facility ever built. They’re all there for […]

NASA’s logo, made in aluminum by Made In Space’s Vulcan manufacturing system during testing and development. Credit: Made In Space Made In Space just took another step toward constructing big, complex structures off Earth. The California-based company, which built the two 3D printers aboard the International Space Station (ISS), just secured a NASA […]

Colin Adams, a UW-Madison physics undergraduate, makes an adjustment to a novel prototype camera that will be used to image the fleeting signatures of gamma rays crashing into molecules of air in the Earth’s atmosphere, creating a shower of diagnostic secondary particles. Credit: Savannah Guthrie A unique high-speed camera, designed […]

A massive entangled network of 20 quantum bits has brought a quantum computer closer to reality. Credit: University of Innsbruck Scientists have made the biggest and most complex quantum-computer network yet, getting 20 different entangled quantum bits, or qubits, to talk to each other. The team was then able to […]

The commercial Bishop airlock will be attached to the Tranquility module on the ISS. Image Credit: NanoRacks Houston-based NanoRacks recently announced that its airlock module named “Bishop” completed its critical design review, allowing engineers to begin building the commercial airlock, which is bound for the International Space Station. Building Bishop will be France-based Thales Alenia Space. The company is set to […]

Photo Credit: NASA ORLANDO, Fla.—Adrienne Dove, a University of Central Florida (UCF) planetary scientist, physicist, and associate professor, capped off the university’s 2018 Distinguished Speaker series with a talk about CubeSats and UCF’s involvement with CubeSat-based science missions. HIGHLIGHTS OF A GROWING PROGRAM Dove began her talk detailing some of […]