The Mars Spring Tire being tested at NASA GRS’ Slope lab. Credit: NASA/JPL The Curiosity Rover has made some incredible discoveries during the five years it has been operating on the surface of Mars. And in the course of conducting its research, the rover has also accrued some serious mileage. However, it […]

Composition of the solid sodium battery. © Empa Phones, laptops, electric cars – batteries are everywhere. And to meet the expectations of today’s consumers, these batteries are increasingly light, more powerful and designed to last longer. Currently the most important technology for these applications is the lithium-ion battery technology: but […]

Speak easy. You don’t have to type Typing can cause a serious health problem: Repetitive Strain Injury, or RSI, affects hundreds of thousands of people each year. Whether you’re worried about damage or just want to give your fingers a break, voice dictation can help. Thanks to steady improvements in voice […]

ONC’s deep-sea crawler Wally is remotely controlled by a research team in Germany. Credit: University of Victoria Unprecedented high-resolution data from undersea canyons off Vancouver Island’s west coast is bringing new understanding of the importance of these canyons as rapid-transit corridors for carrying carbon from the ocean surface to the […]

Christoph Salge at New York University’s Game Innovation Lab. SASHA MASLOV/QUANTA MAGAZINE ISAAC ASIMOV’S FAMOUS Three Laws of Robotics—constraints on the behavior of androids and automatons meant to ensure the safety of humans—were also famously incomplete. The laws, which first appeared in his 1942 short story “Runaround” and again in classic […]

How often do you take away your kid’s phone? RoongsaK/Shutterstock Do you take away your teenager’s phone to manage their behaviour? Maybe when they arrive home late from a party or receive a bad report card? Confiscating, time-limiting or permitting additional access to technology has become a popular parenting strategy. Surveys […]

Your gadgets might slow down if they’re bloated with apps. Neirfy/Shutterstock This is an article from I’ve Always Wondered, a series where readers send in questions they’d like an expert to answer. Send your question to “Why do phones, tablets and computers always slow down as they get older, […]