Researchers demonstrating the ability of aluminum to repel oil underwater. Courtesy of the researchers New battery design could greatly extend the shelf life of single-use metal-air batteries for electric vehicles, off-grid storage, and other applications. Metal-air batteries are one of the lightest and most compact types of batteries available, but […]

An artist’s depiction of an organically inspired lander on Jupiter’s moon Europa. Credit: Autodesk NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) and Autodesk, a software company, have engaged in a multiyear collaborative research project to investigate new approaches for building interplanetary landers. The concept lander, perhaps the most complicated structure ever created using “generative design,” […]

How can we make driverless cars ethical? from What do we want driverless cars to do in unavoidable fatal crashes? Today researchers published a paper The Moral Machine experiment to address this question. To create data for the study, almost 40 million people from 233 countries used a websiteto record decisions about […]

APPLE ONE OF THE most surprising announcements at Apple’s annual hardware event on Wednesday wasn’t a new iPhone, or even the new, thinner, next-generation Apple Watch. It was a feature on the Apple Watch. “We’ve added electrodes into the back sapphire crystal and the digital crown, allowing you to take an electrocardiogram,” said COO Jeff Williams, eliciting […]