The new SQUID is made up of a stack of two-dimensional materials, including two graphene layers separated by a thin film of boron nitride. Credit: University of Basel, Department of Physics David Indolese, a Physicist at the University of Basel, shortly explains the new SQUID – a minuscule instrument able […]

This illustration shows a triboelectric nanogenerator developed by researchers in China that harvests electricity generated from the wind-blown fluttering plastic strips. The design allows researchers to scavenge wind energy as light as a breeze. Credit: Xin Chen, Xiaojing Mu, and Ya Yang Most of the wind available on land is […]

After months of delays, Tesla’s much-hyped Battery Day is finally upon us. Here’s what the company might reveal. PHOTOGRAPH: FABIAN SOMMER/GETTY IMAGES ON TUESDAY AFTERNOON, Elon Musk will hold court at Tesla’s manufacturing facility in Fremont, California, for the company’s much-hyped Battery Day. Details of what Musk will announce are scarce, […]

3D artistic illustration of the wide-field-of-view metalens capturing a 180° panorama of MIT’s Killian Court and producing a high-resolution monochromatic flat image.” Credit: Image: Mikhail Shalaginov, Tian Gu, Christine Daniloff, Felice Hankel, Juejun Hu The single piece of glass produces crisp panoramic images. To capture panoramic views in a single […]

Electrically pumped surface plasmon-polariton nanolaser. Credit: Dmitry Fedyanin Researchers from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and King’s College London cleared the obstacle that had prevented the creation of electrically driven nanolasers for integrated circuits. The approach, reported in a recent paper in Nanophotonics, enables coherent light source design on […]

Researchers led by Katja Nowack, assistant professor of physics, created this micron-scale Hall-effect sensor by sandwiching graphene between sheets of hexagonal boron nitride, resulting in a device that operates over a greater temperature range than previous Hall sensors. Credit: Courtesy of the researchers As with actors and opera singers, when […]

ESA’s AMPER (Advanced techniques for mesh reflector with improved radiation pattern performance) project’s prototype 2.6-m diameter metal-mesh antenna reflector represents a big step forward for the European space sector. Credit: Leri Datashvili/Large Space Structures GmbH This prototype 2.6-m diameter metal-mesh antenna reflector represents a big step forward for the European […]

Magnon excitation. Credit: Daria Sokol/MIPT Press Office Scientists Excite Magnons in Nanostructures With Laser Pulses Physicists from MIPT and the Russian Quantum Center, joined by colleagues from Saratov State University and Michigan Technological University, have demonstrated new methods for controlling spin waves in nanostructured bismuth iron garnet films via short laser […]

New devices can convert low-grade heat from hot water heaters and other sources into electricity. ANATOLER/ISTOCK.COM Refrigerators, boilers, and even lightbulbs continually dump heat into their surroundings. This “waste heat” could—in theory—be turned into electricity, as it is sometimes done with power plants, automobile engines, and other high-heat sources. The […]

Europe’s Helicon Plasma Thruster offers plasma propulsion for small satellites. Credit: SENER A test firing of Europe’s Helicon Plasma Thruster, developed with ESA by SENER in Spain. This compact, electrodeless and low voltage design is ideal for the propulsion of small satellites, including maintaining the formation of large orbital constellations. While […]