Chinese scientists have established the world’s first integrated quantum communication network, combining over 700 optical fibers on the ground with two ground-to-satellite links to achieve quantum key distribution over a total distance of 4,600 kilometers for users across the country. Credit: University of Science and Technology of China   ENLARGE Chinese […]

This illustration of a nanoscale node created by the lab of Nick Vamivakas, professor of quantum optics and quantum physics, shows a closeup of one of an array pillars, each a mere 120 nanometers high. Each pillar serves as a location marker for a quantum state that can interact with […]

Ultra-thin gold lamellae drastically amplify the incoming terahertz pulses (red) in the underlying graphene layer, enabling efficient frequency multiplication. Credit: HZDR/Werkstatt X On the electromagnetic spectrum, terahertz light is located between infrared radiation and microwaves. It holds enormous potential for tomorrow’s technologies: Among other things, it might succeed 5G by […]

Illinois researchers developed a spherical lens that allows light coming into the lens from any direction to be focused into a very small spot on the surface of the lens exactly opposite the input direction. This is the first time such a lens has been made for visible light. Credit: […]

Credit: Nokia 4G is coming to the Moon, to help support future international exploration efforts. To check the feasibility of this vision, the ESA-VSC High Power Radio Frequency Laboratory tested a prototype compact base station in simulated lunar conditions. NASA has selected Nokia Bell Labs to develop a lunar communications network […]

Shutterstock The federal government has announced a A$3.5 billion upgrade to the National Broadband Network (NBN) that will grant two million households access to faster fibre-to-the-node (FTTN) internet by 2023. Reports from the ABC suggest the plan would go as far as to upgrade the FTTN services to fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) on an […]

ESA’s AMPER (Advanced techniques for mesh reflector with improved radiation pattern performance) project’s prototype 2.6-m diameter metal-mesh antenna reflector represents a big step forward for the European space sector. Credit: Leri Datashvili/Large Space Structures GmbH This prototype 2.6-m diameter metal-mesh antenna reflector represents a big step forward for the European […]

Vopson wants to experimentally verify that information bits have mass, which he extrapolated to forecast in 225 years will be half of Earth’s mass. Credit: Image courtesy of Melvin Vopson If verified, the mass-energy-information equivalence principle will show that information is a physical, dominant, fifth state of matter, and digital […]

Experimental setup to generate a set of stable frequencies in a cryogenically cooled laser microresonator frequency comb. The ring-shaped microresonator, small enough to fit on a microchip, operates at very low laser power and is made from the semiconductor aluminum gallium arsenide. Credit: NIST Just as a meter stick with […]