An electronic signboard displays the Jyoetsu bullet train operation suspended between Tokyo and Niigata, following a strong earthquake that rocked Japan A strong 6.4-magnitude earthquake rocked Japan, sparking a tsunami advisory that was later lifted with no reports Wednesday of major damage and only a handful of light injuries. The […]

Waves can be generated in lakes and other bodies of water when seismic energy travels through land. Leo Roomets / Unsplash, CC BY A catastrophic event occurred on Earth 66 million years ago. A huge meteorite struck our planet in what is now Mexico, triggering mass extinctions of the dinosaurs and […]

The view was built from data acquired on Wednesday ICEYE Here’s a new view of Anak Krakatau, the collapsed Indonesian volcano that generated the 22 December tsunami that devastated local coastlines. The picture was assembled from radar images acquired on Wednesday by the ICEYE-X2 satellite. This is a small innovative spacecraft […]


A photo from San Juan Archives looking south from the south end of Calle Betances, Aguadilla in 1899. Credit: Roland LaForge Repair petitions filed in the wake of the 1918 Puerto Rico earthquake and tsunami, stored and forgotten in the San Juan archives for nearly 100 years, are giving scientists […]


Understanding “slow-slip” earthquakes on the seafloor—seismic events that occur over a period of days or weeks—is giving researchers new insights into undersea earthquakes and the subsequent creation of tsunamis. Through an ocean discovery program supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF), scientists are studying the seafloor off the coast of […]