Scenario presented at the beginning of the study interviews and then the “correct answers.” Credit: Clara Vasconcelos et al., Geosphere, and The Geological Society of America. In their paper published this week in Geosphere, authors Clara Vasconcelos, Joanna Torres, and Joana Costa point out the need for continued geoscience education […]


Muscat in Oman is particularly vulnerable. Credit: Pixabay That tsunamis can cause death and devastation has become painfully clear over the past two decades. On Boxing Day, 2004, a magnitude 9 earthquake off the coast of Sumatra caused waves several metres high to devastate the Indian Ocean – killing more […]


Kyoto University researchers show that details about fault dip direction can be extracted from tsunami-borne electromagnetic fields. Such details may contribute to tsunami early warning systems that are more informative for residents of coastal areas. Credit: Eiri Ono/Kyoto University (K-CONNEX) Could electromagnetic fields be used in tsunami early warning? New […]