The University of Minnesota study shows that high-energy light from small galaxies, like the Pox 186 galaxy depicted above, may have played a key role in the reionization and evolution of the Universe. Credit: Podevin, J.f., 2006 Small galaxies likely played important role in evolution of the Universe. A new […]

While studying a thin-film material called strontium stannate (SrSnO3), University of Minnesota researchers noticed the surprising formation of checkerboard patterns at the nano scale similar to structures fabricated in costly, multistep processes. Their results show the realistic possibility of designing similar self-assembled structures with wide applications in materials for electronics […]

Annular holes in a thin gold film filled with silicon dioxide enable ultrastrong coupling between light and atomic vibrations. This structure provides opportunities to probe molecules interacting with quantum vacuum fluctuations and develop novel optoelectronic devices. Credit: Oh Group, University of Minnesota Discovery provides insight for developing next generation optoelectronic […]