Lava flowing across black rocks. International research led by geologists from Curtin University has found that a volcanic province in the Indian Ocean was the world’s most continuously active — erupting for 30 million years — fueled by a constantly moving ‘conveyor belt’ of magma. It’s believed this magma ‘conveyor […]

Cathodoluminescence image of Zircon crystals from Nevado de Toluca volcano in Mexico. Credit: UNIGE/WEBER A new method shows that it’s now possible to estimate the volume of magma stored below volcanoes providing essential information about the potential size of future eruptions. Most active volcanoes on Earth are dormant, meaning that […]

Nanolite ‘snow’ surrounding an iron oxide microlite ‘Christmas tree’. Even these small 50 nm spheres are actually made up of even smaller nanolites aggregated into clumps. Christmas has come early this year for these researchers. Credit: Brooker/Griffiths/Heard/Cherns In a new study of volcanic processes, Bristol scientists have demonstrated the role […]

Archaeologic excavations at Hall’s Cave exposed sediments for geochemical analysis that span from circa 20,000 to 6,000 years. Credit: Michael Waters, Texas A&M University Researchers say cooling 13,000 years ago is coincident with major volcanic eruption. Texas researchers from the University of Houston, Baylor University and Texas A&M University have […]

A living foraminifera, a type of marine plankton, that researchers grew in laboratory culture. To reconstruct past climate, fossilized specimens are collected from deep sea sediments. Credit: Bärbel Hönisch/Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory The closest analog to modern times is no longer very close, study finds. A new study of an ancient […]

They might share the same name, but ash produced in the western wildfires is a very different hazard than ash produced in explosive eruptions. Terra/MODIS image of the wildfires across California, Oregon and Washington on September 10, 2020. Credit: NASA. The western United States is on fire. Large swaths of Oregon, […]

Bezymianny is an active stratovolcano on the Kamchatka peninsula in eastern Russia. Credit: GFZ For the first time, long-term photogrammetic series document the “life cycle” of a volcano. The analyses shows that volcanoes have a kind of memory. Volcanoes are born and die — and then grow again on their […]

Three water-filled maars in the Eifel, Germany (Gemündener Maar, Weinfelder Maar, Schalkenmehrener Maar). Created by volcanic activity, maars are also found in other parts of Europe and on other continents, but Eifel-Maars are the classic example worldwide. Credit: Martin Schildgen / Wikimedia Commons Scientists have discovered new evidence for active […]

The 2015 eruption at Wolf volcano in the Galapagos Archipelago. Credit: Gabriel Salazar, La Pinta Yacht Expedition. An international team of volcanologists working on remote islands in the Galápagos Archipelago has found that volcanoes which reliably produce small basaltic lava eruptions hide chemically diverse magmas in their underground plumbing systems—including […]