Kansas State University master’s in geology graduate Allie Richard Lane samples water from wells as part of a 40-year comparison study of wells in the Great Bend Prairie Aquifer. The study has revealed water quality issues. Credit: Kansas State University Kansas private well owners should test water quality annually, according […]

Hans-Peter Marshall, associate professor at Boise State University, and Andy Gleason, Senator Beck Snow Safety Director, push toward the upper reaches of Senator Beck Basin with a Frequency-Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) radar held between them during SnowEx 2017. Credit: NASA / Andrew Hedrick, USDA Agricultural Research Service​ It’s the most […]

A tiny sample of stishovite used by the researchers in the lab. Credit: Yanhao Lin. Every school child learns about the water cycle—evaporation, condensation, precipitation, and collection. But what if there were a deep Earth component of this process happening on geologic timescales that makes our planet ideal for sustaining […]

Alvin, the undersea research vehicle, has a robotic arm that deploys a hydraulic fluid sampling device with a ”snorkel” that sticks into the black smoker fluid. The operation helps researchers look for old carbon and graphite. Credit: Photo courtesy of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and the Advanced Imaging and Visualization […]

Satellite images used in the study show deforestation and elevated suspended sediment (orange/brown water) due to gold mining operations in the Rio Inambari and Rio Colorado watersheds in Peru. Credit: Images are from NASA LandSat. Figure compiled by Evan N. Dethier. A Dartmouth study finds that artisanal-scale gold mining is […]

Using drought-prone California as a case study, a research team shows that increased solar and wind energy can reduce the reliance on hydropower, especially during drought. Credit: Egan Jimenez, Princeton University California’s switch to solar, wind energy reduced reliance on hydropower, natural gas. Solar and wind farms are popping up […]