Alvin, the undersea research vehicle, has a robotic arm that deploys a hydraulic fluid sampling device with a ”snorkel” that sticks into the black smoker fluid. The operation helps researchers look for old carbon and graphite. Credit: Photo courtesy of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and the Advanced Imaging and Visualization […]

Satellite images used in the study show deforestation and elevated suspended sediment (orange/brown water) due to gold mining operations in the Rio Inambari and Rio Colorado watersheds in Peru. Credit: Images are from NASA LandSat. Figure compiled by Evan N. Dethier. A Dartmouth study finds that artisanal-scale gold mining is […]

Using drought-prone California as a case study, a research team shows that increased solar and wind energy can reduce the reliance on hydropower, especially during drought. Credit: Egan Jimenez, Princeton University California’s switch to solar, wind energy reduced reliance on hydropower, natural gas. Solar and wind farms are popping up […]

Example of offshore transport by an eddy in the California Current System. Arrow shows location of ocean eddy. Note increased carbon content in its interior compared to surrounding waters. Credit: University of Georgia The 200-mile zone that hugs the curvature of the coast bursts with life, from phytoplankton to whales. […]

Switching from coal to natural gas and renewables for electricity generation could save at least 12,000 billion gallons water a year by 2030, a Duke University study finds. Credit: peakpx (CC) The ongoing transition from coal to natural gas and renewables in the U.S. electricity sector is dramatically reducing the […]

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Governments are meeting in the Principality of Monaco from Friday to approve a new U.N. report that outlines the impacts and risks to nature and humans of dramatically changing oceans, polar regions and glaciers. The report will underscore the crisis we face, with already seen climate […]