JOSHUA ROBERTS/BLOOMBERG The government’s new weather forecast model has a slight problem: It predicts that outside temperatures will be a few degrees colder than what nature delivers. This “cold bias” means that local meteorologists are abandoning the National Weather Service in favor of forecasts produced by British and European weather agencies. For […]

An unmanned semi-submersible vehicle (USSV) developed by Chinese Academy of Sciences. The photo was taken at the first USSV sea trial in Bohai Bay on 13 June 2017. Credit: Siping Zheng For the first time in history, Chinese scientists have launched a rocketsonde—a rocket designed to perform weather observations in […]

The geographical coverage area of the GOES East and West satellites (Source: NOAA) The newest U.S. weather satellite has moved into its operational position over the Pacific Ocean and is sending back stunning imagery despite a problem with its primary instrument. You can get a taste of that imagery in […]

NOAA says they have restored some performance in the primary Earth-facing instrument on the GOES-17 (formerly GOES-S) satellite, but have yet to fully correct the problem or determine its root cause. Credit: Lockheed Martin WASHINGTON — Engineers have made some progress in restoring the performance of the key instrument on […]

A cooling problem on GOES-17, NOAA’s newest weather satellite, is imperiling the agency’s future weather forecasts. NASA A balky cooling system in the chill of space is throwing the future of the United States’s most recent multibillion-dollar weather satellite, the Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite-17 (GOES-17), in doubt, the National Oceanic […]

Temperature anomalies at Earth’s surface for April 2018 relative to the April average for the period 1981-2010. (Source: European Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasts, Copernicus Climate Change Service. Adapted by ImaGeo) Some regions of the world shivered last month. But as was the case in March, most of the planet […]