CHRISTOPHER FURLONG/GETTY IMAGES ON JUNE 1, the Pilgrim nuclear plant in Massachusetts will shut down, a victim of rising costs and a technology that is struggling to remain economically viablein the United States. But the electricity generated by the aging nuclear station soon will be replaced by another carbon-free source: a fleet of 84 […]

A new study co-authored by Yale’s Edgar Hertwich finds that complete de-carbonization of the global power sector using wind and solar technologies would induce only modest indirect greenhouse gas emissions — and therefore not impede the transformation towards a climate-friendly power system. Even low-carbon energy technologies like solar cells and […]

Tugboats prepare to tow an experimental floating wind turbine to sea in July 2017, part of Statoil’s Hywind project off Scotland, Roar Lindefjeld/Woldcam/Statoil Floating wind turbines at sea could create up to three times as much electricity as turbines on land, increasing the energy potential for a technology that has […]